Satisfying, yet low in calories. These are the products worth eating

Winter is hard on our bodies. Cold, windy, and dark weather drains us and makes us tired. No wonder our body seeks particular nourishment to warm us, fulfill our appetite, and provide us energy during this difficult period.

Tapioca provides energy due to its high carbohydrate content. It has protein, lipids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals (C, B, iron, calcium, magnesium).

Unfortunately, holiday dishes typically add pounds we didn't intend to gain.

To prevent this risk, learn about goods that satisfy us, give nutrients and trace elements, and have minimal calories, helping us maintain weight and a healthy figure.

Eggs give lots of easily digestible protein. Numerous studies suggest that eating eggs for breakfast makes us feel full and limits calorie intake in the afternoon.

1. Eggs Eggs balance blood sugar, keeping us full for hours and preventing hunger episodes. Eggs are low in calories and rich in vitamins A, D, B vitamins, and minerals.

2. Fish Fish is rich in protein. Marine species supply omega-3 acids and easily digestible protein, making them worth choosing. No need to convince anyone of their benefits, but these acids also impact fullness.

3. Fruits and veggies For winter nibbling to stop and hunger to be satisfied, we need protein and fiber. Its finest sources are fruits and vegetables, which we eat too little of in winter, especially uncooked.

4. Potatoes Potatoes were considered fattening until recently. It's one of the first foods dieters avoid. Nutritionists have been telling us for years that sauces and fats added to potatoes are to blame for excess pounds.

5. Beans, legumes Protein and fiber complement each other to curb winter hunger. Both components are abundant in legumes. Beans, peas, and broad beans are heavy to digest and might induce bloating, thus we shouldn't overeat them. 

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