Effortless Lazy Day Dinners

Use this recipe as a blueprint and play around with the toppings. Try sriracha or kimchi, experiment with mushrooms and any leftover cooked meat.

Miso ramen

A seemingly simple salad, this egg and lettuce combo is uplifted with a lip-smacking dressing of peanut butter, fish sauce and lime juice.

Egg and lettuce salad

This is just the recipe you need for an easy one-pan meal. The satay element comes from peanut butter which is mixed with soy, rice vinegar and sesame oil

noodle stir-fry

A speedy recipe and a twist on an Italian classic, this can also be eaten with pasta instead of the courgetti, if you're after a more carb-rich meal.

One-pan chicken Parmesan

This Sichuan mushroom chow mein is simple and packs a flavour punch. Better (and quicker) than any chow mein you could get delivered, this veggie version is ready in less than 15 minutes.

Mushroom chow mein

Another quick way to a satisfying dinner is fritters. A sort of a pancake but made with corn, these fritters can be eaten on their own, with a chutney or served as a savoury base to a variety of toppings.

Corn fritters

For a taste of luxury make crab spaghetti. It's simple as garlic, chilli, parsley, crab meat and a squeeze of lemon, but tastes like restaurant quality.

Crab spaghetti

Cook them with frozen veggies and, depending on what you have to hand, bacon, pancetta or even diced up sausages. If you'd prefer to omit meat, add a spoonful of pesto instead.

Pasta with pancetta and peas

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