Costco Has Stopped Selling a Popular Butter at Several Locations

Irish butter's rich flavor and creamy texture are praised. Its grass-fed cows are likely responsible for its good attributes.

Nutritionists think grass-fed butter may benefit immunity, blood sugar, heart, and bone health more than American butter.

Kerrygold is the most popular Irish butter in the U.S., thanks to its bright silver and gold packaging that stands 

out on store shelves. The 2009 butter coffee craze launched by lifestyle guru Dave Asprey made the brand popular.

That same hard-to-miss packaging may explain Kerrygold Irish butter's disappearance from your local grocery.

According to SFGate, Costco locations in California and New York pulled Kerrygold butter from shelves because its foil wrapper may violate new state 

Both states recently banned "forever chemicals," which the EPA says may pose health hazards. Bloomberg Law reports other states enacting similar restrictions this year.

Kerrygold "made the responsible decision to reformulate some of our packaging" in light of the new restrictions, and the butter will soon

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