Costco Has Amazing Produce Deals Right Now

After cooking huge Thanksgiving feasts last week, you may need to visit your local Costco warehouse for fresh veggies. After the October holiday

This week, a Costco buyer posted on Reddit about huge markdowns on fresh produce in the Fremont, California warehouse. Reddit posted a photo of $1 10-pound

Not only is Fremont Costco giving these tempting prices, but other warehouses have also reported big markdowns.

"99 cent bananas and pineapples at my Costco," Redditor said."We had green beans (bought it) and cranberries for $1," one said.

The bargain warehouse club always has fantastic food offers, but Redditors think these exceptionally low pricing on fresh vegetables are

related to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. They quickly speculated that Costco overestimated holiday weekend produce sales at certain sites. 

After the Thanksgiving and Black Friday surges, Redditors think Costco is trying to sell as much extra product as possible before it degrades and gets thrown away.

"Someone overordered Thanksgiving and is rushing it before it spoils. I would have filled up on great prices "Reddit shopper speculated.

These promotions may not be available at all Costco locations. Numerous buyers reported that nearby warehouses don't give large fruit and vegetable discounts.

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