8 New Sodas That Will Be Grocery Store Favorites

Craft or Small-Batch Sodas: Consumers seeking artisanal and healthier sodas are drawn to local or craft beverage firms' unique flavors

Fruit-Infused Sodas: Watermelon, mango, and mixed berry sodas may be popular due to their natural and refreshing properties.

Exotic or International Flavors: Sodas influenced by global beverages are becoming more popular. Hibiscus, lychee, and guava sodas are examples.

Health-Conscious Sodas: As health awareness rises, sodas with low sugar, natural sweeteners, or probiotics are in demand.

Sodas prepared with plant-based or herbal ingredients or infusions are popular with health-conscious consumers.

Limited Edition or Seasonal Releases: To generate excitement and consumer interest, several soda producers release limited-edition 

Sodas with Unique Flavors: Sodas with caffeine, like cola twists, may appeal to consumers seeking an energy boost and a unique taste.

With the move toward healthy options, flavored sparkling waters or seltzers may have evolved to incorporate soda-like flavors to help consumers 

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