7 Guides to Style Any Type of Bangs Like a Pro

Straight Across Bangs: Begin by blow-drying your bangs straight using a round brush, directing the air downward. Use a flat iron for a sleek finish.

Side-Swept Bangs: Blow-dry your bangs to the side using a round brush, creating a sweeping motion. For a casual look, tousle them with your fingers.

Blunt Cut Bangs: Keep the look sharp by using a flat iron to straighten your blunt-cut bangs. Alternatively, blow-dry them with a round brush for a slight curve.

Layered Bangs: Blow-dry layered bangs with a round brush to add texture and movement. For an undone look, use a texturizing spray or wax. Finish with a light hold hairspray for a tousled effect.

Curly or Wavy Bangs: Use a curling wand or flat iron to add curls or waves to your bangs. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to set the style.

Braided or Twisted Bangs: Incorporate small braids or twists into your bangs for a creative and textured look. Secure with bobby pins and finish with a flexible hold hairspray.

Pinned Back or Pinned Up: Pin your bangs back or up for a versatile and chic style. Use bobby pins or decorative clips to secure them in place.

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