10 Clever Cabinet Organization Tips & Ideas

Declutter First:Before organizing, declutter your cabinets by getting rid of items you no longer need or use.

Use Vertical Dividers:Install vertical dividers or shelves within cabinets to make use of the vertical space.

Pull-Out Shelves or Baskets:Consider installing pull-out shelves or baskets in lower cabinets. These make it easier to access items at the back and prevent

Lazy Susans:Use lazy Susans or turntables in corner cabinets. This allows you to easily access items without reaching to the back of the cabinet.

Adjustable Shelving:If possible, install adjustable shelving in your cabinets. This allows you to customize the height of each shelf to accommodate items of various sizes.

Drawer Organizers:Use drawer organizers within cabinets to keep small items like utensils, measuring spoons, and kitchen gadgets neatly separated and easily accessible.

Clear Containers:Transfer pantry items like pasta, rice, and snacks into clear, airtight containers. This not only keeps them fresh but also allows you to see the contents at a glance.

Hooks on Cabinet Doors:Install hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang items like pot lids, cutting boards, or kitchen towels. This maximizes space and keeps things organized.

Cabinet Door Spice Rack:Consider a spice rack that attaches to the inside of a cabinet door. This keeps spices organized and easily visible

Labeling System:Implement a labeling system for containers and shelves. This helps everyone in the household know where items

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