Esoteric Museums

When we were kids, my father loved road trips.  We would drive up the long coast of Florida stopping for genuine pirate maps in St. Augustine — into Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and DC.  We loved looking out for the South of the Border signs and begged to stop at Stuckey’s for pecan rolls.  My mother wanted to sample the peach wine and probably hitchhike away from us all!  All along the way were signs for historical sights and museums large and small.  Since then, I have been fascinated by these organizations.  At 12, walking through Juliette Ward Lowe’s house in Savannah, I envisioned her as a young woman founding the Girl Scouts. I loved anything to do with aviation history because my idol was Amelia Earhart. (Note to self, change security question!) 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of esoteric museums and heritage sights.  Interested in the Museum of Death?  How about the Banana Museum? I have to convince Nash we need to visit the Museum of Bad Art, but he’ll probably tell me to go down to Soho. There is a Bigfoot Museum.  When my brother and sisters and I were small we were Bigfoot mad because we lived in Miami and were convinced Big Foot lived in the nearby Everglades. I’m sure the UFO Museum and Research Center is very popular and possibly Warren’s Occult but the Vent Hanen Museum which is dedicated to ventriloquism is definitely a niche.

What’s your favorite off-beat museum or site?  I’m eager to add to this list! Email me at,-Bigfoot,-and-the-Occult-Oh-My!-10-of-Ame