Am I a Vegetarian?

The answer is no.  I love a good steak but not often.  My husband and I are making a concerted effort to cut back on meat, and I really do try to find ways to get enough protein from plant sources.  But honestly, Brillat Savarin, chocolate eclairs, the occasional charcoal grilled burger.  These all scream my name from time to time.  I have a very dear friend who is a happy vegan and I’m glad for her but I don’t see it happening for me.  As I write this post, I anticipate the emails coming in!  I know all the health, climate, and other rationales for a vegetarian and vegan diet but I haven’t quite gotten there.  Hence the Museum of Vegetable Culture.  I do believe and evidence will back me up, that American do not eat a healthy diet and that adding fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes to our daily menu is imperative.  I have long worked in urban education both in New York and in Hong Kong and know that in two of the wealthiest cities in the world are large populations of impoverished people without access to clean, affordable, healthy food.

If you are interested in getting involved in solving this problem, I encourage you to take part in your local community food bank but see what can be done about donating healthier food options.  One food bank my husband and I volunteer at near Chinatown, creates a “pop-up” store where their clients can “shop” for goods.  They also offer vital selections such as green vegetables and spices. If you can’t volunteer the pantries always need cash to buy supplemental goods.  Talk to your local service agency about their needs.