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When two priceless impressionist paintings on loan to New York City’s Museum of Vegetable Culture go missing, Lupe Reinowski, the museum’s chief fundraiser is on the case. Lupe’s job and the future of the Museum are in peril, and she enthusiastically dives in to solve the crime. Just as Lupe uncovers substantial clues on the thefts, one of her top donors is kidnapped. Are the crimes connected? Lupe follows multiple leads – from New York’s society denizens to various museum employees and finds danger in her path. She flirts along the way with Josh Reyes, the handsome special agent from the FBI’s Art Crimes division and enjoys the support and camaraderie of her two roommates and quirky co-workers. Whether you are a fundraiser or just enjoy a good mystery, The Disappearing Donor is a captivating read.

disappearing donor

If you think the world of nonprofit development is all about another fundraising campaign, new donor initiatives and gimmicky sales pitches, then you haven’t met Director of Development Lupe Reinowski. You haven’t walked into the galleries of the Museum of Vegetable Culture. This story takes you behind the scenes and into the personal lives of nonprofit management. Author and seasoned nonprofit management expert Susan Madon weaves her masterful insight through this story and offers you her wisdom. She serves it to you in a whimsical, humorous way. You are in for a treat. Enjoy the journey that awaits.

DeAnna Sanders
DLS Communicator for Global Good

Witty dialogue and wry humor offer a seductive tour of museum intrigue in front of and behind the scenes. The Disappearing Donor serves equal parts fine art and workplace culture. This romantic mystery is laden with gastronomic references and epicurean delights to thrill the most avid foodie or devoted connoisseur. Madon’s debut novel is a wholly entertaining whodunit, entertaining and educational and as priceless as a great work of art.

Judith Corridan Danek
Director, Office of the President and Government Relations
Health New England